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What is this site about? Well . . . "Club" suggests that it is a gathering place for like-minded people and "Leisure"? We will let the Cambridge dictionary folks provide the definition.

leisure: time when you are not working or doing other duties                       (source: Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary)

Walt is the originator of Club for Leisure and since Walt has many interests you will find different topics and, to be hoped, some that will interest you dear visitor. The  was derived from Club for Leisure and now is our main TRAVEL website for Cuba.

For one thing, we are developing and promoting travel packages for the discerning traveler. As a discerning traveler, you will be interested in exploring this amazing world in which we live; the lands, the peoples and cultures - shaped by geography and history.

I include a quote to differentiate a traveller from a tourist: “The tourist sees what he wants to see whereas the traveller is transformed by the very act of seeing.” - Ilan Stavans

To date, those that best fit under that travel packages* heading are:

  • Canada
  • *Cuba which is broken up into 2 sections:
    • "" is intended for those who seek to have a more intimate experience, something very different, with the host country. This is the site that will have the travel packages.
    • "Cuba for Everyone" is intended for those who seek to just get away and relax in a resort of which Cuba has many top quality resorts from which to choose.
  • Travel Stories

Falling in love is part of any good travel adventure. This can mean falling in love with the place, the people, the food, many things including perhaps one very special person.

Other experiences are to be found. Included are:

Are any or all of these part of "Leisure"? Sure, why not? Just jump in and enjoy and your feedback is always appreciated. Send an e-mail to Walt.